Rate Plans

    • Tuition rates cover the regular private piano lessons, as well as the extensive amount of time spent outside of the lesson planning for, preparing for, managing and monitoring each student’s music education.
    • Tuition also includes all Theory Packets, Practice Packets & Binders, Game Packets, and supplemental music.
    • Tuition does not include the cost of Method Books, Exercise Books, and supplemental Songbooks, which must be purchased by the student. Students can expect to spend $25-50 per year on books & materials.

 Long Term Rate Plan Requires a one-year commitment; Aug-July. This can be paid in full, in 6-month installments, or on a “monthly installment” option, which includes a $10/month/student processing fee.

30-minute In-Studio Lessons - $90/month or $510/6 months or $960/year


45-minute In-Studio Lessons - $130/month or $750/6 months or $1,440/year

42 lessons per year

Short Term Rate Plan

Requires a 5-month commitment; Aug-Dec or Jan-May. This can be paid in full or on a “monthly installment” option, which includes a $10/month/student processing fee.

30-minute In-Studio Lessons - $106/month or $480/semester

45-minute In-Studio Lessons - $141/month or $655/semester

18 lessons per semester
 Ala Carte Rate PlanPay as you go without any long-term commitment. This can be paid on a lesson-by-lesson basis or a monthly basis.

30-minute In-Studio Lessons - $37.50/lesson or $140/month

45-minute In-Studio Lessons - $47.50/lesson or $180/month

4 lessons per month


    • Payment is due in advance, one-week prior to the next unpaid lesson.
    • If you are paying a Semester, 6 months,  or Year in full, your payment is due three weeks before the start of each Term.
    • If you are a new student, payment must be received and must clear your bank before your first lesson.
    • All other students are given a 3-day grace period before a $25/week late fee will be added to your account.
    • Payments are made through PayPal.  Hegarty Piano Studio uses a web-based studio management system called My Music Staff (or MMS). This system will send out automatic invoices with a link to make your payment through PayPal. The system will automatically add the 2.9% processing fee to your total. The Studio pays all fixed fees charged by PayPal.

Teaching Schedule & Attendance

    • At Hegarty Piano Studio, the year begins on the first full week of August.
Fall Semester: August - December = 18 Private Lessons
Spring Semester: January - May = 18 Private Lessons
Summer Session: June & July = 6 Private Lessons
    • Students who take lessons in the summer are guaranteed a spot when the Fall Semester begins. Students who don’t take lessons in the summer must pay the August Tuition by June 1st in order to reserve a spot in the Fall Schedule.
    • Studio Breaks for the upcoming year are announced in August. Most breaks are scheduled to coincide with major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    • Regular lesson attendance & accountability is critical to a student’s progress. Lesson time should be considered as important as school time or sports time and should not be missed unless absolutely necessary.

Missed Lessons & Makeups

    • There are NO refunds or credits for student missed lessons. The tuition you pay reserves an exclusive timeslot in the schedule that is customized and extensively prepared for. That time is not portable. If at least 24-hour notice is given, makeup lessons will be provided as outlined below.

    • If the teacher misses a lesson, you are guaranteed a credit or a makeup lesson as outlined below.
    • Two days of each Semester will be set aside for makeup lessons, one in mid-semester and one at the end of the semester. The dates will be announced at the beginning of each Semester. These are scheduled on a “first come first serve” basis.
    • Makeup Lessons can also be scheduled at a time when another student has cancelled, if possible.
    • If the student cancelled the lesson and a makeup lesson cannot be arranged, the lesson will be forfeit.
    • If the teacher cancelled the lesson and a makeup lesson cannot be arranged, a “Missed Lesson Credit” equal to 70% of the Lesson Rate will be applied to the next invoice.

    Permanent Cancellation & Contract Violation

      • Your intention of withdrawal must be submitted to Hegarty Piano Studio in writing to be eligible for any refund..
      • Short & Long Term students must give one month's notice of cancellation.
      • Short & Long Term students who decide to stop lessons before the Semester or Year commitment is fulfilled will be charged the difference between their Rate Plan and the Ala Carte Rate Plan, retroactive for all months that lessons were taught. This will be due immediately. If lessons were prepaid, the balance due will be deducted before a refund is issued.
      • If the student violates or does not follow these policies, they are in breach of contract and after the 2nd violation, lessons will be immediately cancelled and student forfeits any refunds or rewards due. Any books, equipment or other materials on loan to the student must be immediately returned  within 1 week or the student will be charge the replacement value of the items. If any balance is due to Hegarty Piano Studio, payment will be due immediately or legal action will be pursued in small claims court. If this becomes necessary, all related legal fees will become part of the lawsuit & the responsibility of the student.