Studio History



Miss Nancy took on her first students while attending college, teaching in student’s homes around Solano County, in the Northern SF Bay Area.
1989Miss Nancy decided to go full-time, focusing all her efforts on building a solid reputation as a “tough yet tender” teacher and developing quality lesson plans based on the MTAC’s Certificate of Merit curriculum that she was raised with, while making the learning fun & exciting for her students. Hegarty Piano Studio was born.
1990The students of Hegarty Piano Studio began giving community service performances at local senior retirement communities.
1992The Studio began holding Annual Christmas Recitals at the local library.
1997The Studio began offering in-studio lessons, in addition to in-home lessons.

“Thank you for doing what you can to get me through those performances. You are one of the inspirations in my life because you have taught me the essence of music! Before I started lessons with you, I was actually going to quit, but as I gave it one more try with you - I know I love playing!” - Vicky Z. (2000)

“We appreciate you very much and all that hard work! You have been a good role model for Tessa. One day when she grows up to be an adult, you will surely have been an impact on her life and we’ll remember you always.” - Mrs. S. (2001)

2002The Studio developed its first website.
2003The Studio began holding Rhythm Workshops several times during the year.
2004The students of Hegarty Piano Studio produced their first Annual Christmas CD.

“You are truly a caring teacher whom I am very blessed to have come across. Your dedication has influenced me greatly to reflect that quality in my life. Thank you.” - Vicky Z., (2004)

2005The Annual Recital was moved from Christmas to Spring and from the library to the Fetterly Playhouse for the Arts. The Studio began presenting performance trophies at an Annual Award Ceremony, held one month later.

“Many of us have taken lessons ourselves. I’ve just thought of 9 teachers that I’ve had on different instruments … and I know a lot of you have had lessons … and there’s nobody that does it like Nancy - nobody. I mean, the way she inspires these kids … She gets them to practice … She gets them to learn the stuff … And they get better and better and better. And when I think of students like my son, Alex … & Vicky, who’s just awesome … it’s just amazing that these kids can do this. I know they did a lot on their own too, but Nancy’s been the inspiration … She’s just the greatest.” - Victor Chaney, DDS. (excerpt of speech at 2005 Award Ceremony)

“Learning piano with your guidance was such a valuable experience that I won’t forget, as it has become integral to who I am. The practice habits and methods that you’ve taught me have carried over to my school work, and have been very beneficial to me. I’m very grateful for your role in my life as a teacher.” - Brian J., (2005)

2006A Family Talent Show was added as entertainment at the Annual Award Ceremony.

“Thank you so very much for your passion, commitment, and resolve in teaching Korland, Jamila, and the other students.” - Mercy & Michael S. (2008)

“I just recently started my first semester at the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a major in music for Visual Media. Yes! I know, awesome! Being in these classes, it is a great help that I have a solid foundation of musical knowledge that I learned from you.” - Joshua C. (2010)

2011The students of Hegarty Piano Studio decided to sell their Annual Christmas CD to raise money for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. As part of this, the students gave an outdoor concert at the Woodcreek Plaza’s “A Day With Santa” event and they raised over $1,200 in CD sales! The students had a terrific time shopping as a group for the toys to give to the Marine Corps program.
2012The Studio began offering a Preschooler Program and an Independent Study Program. HPS also began offering Master Classes on various musical topics, twice each semester.
2013The Studio introduced a week-long Summer Practice Boot camp, designed to challenge the students to accelerate their practice & teach them methods that can be used to get the most result out of less practice.
2014The Studio began the process of moving to El Dorado County, 100 miles away in the Sierra Foothills, so that Miss Nancy could be her mother’s primary live-in caregiver.

“I heard what happened and I feel sad. Really sad. Even though you’re leaving, I hope I can continue my piano lessons with somebody else. (If there IS someone else that can teach me.) But anyways, I am REALLY sad that your leaving. You’re a really great piano teacher!!!! I’m pretty sure though your new students will love you! And most of all … THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR TEACHING ME FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!! Even though it’s just 2 years, it’s enough for me.” - Gabby L. (2014) *Teacher’s Note - Gabby did continue with online lessons until May, 2019

“Thank you so much for being such a fabulous piano teacher! Not only am I learning at a great pace, but I really enjoy the way you teach & the books & approach you take. It’s thorough without ever being dull. Your collections of songs, in addition to your willingness to modify any song to student ability, gives such selection and makes practice especially fun! As an elementary school teacher, I have so much respect for your teaching. You’re simultaneously patient & enthusiastic while always being encouraging. Thank you again for the last few months. I can’t wait to make our Christmas album. Placerville is blessed to have such a musical talent teaching here!” - Victoria C. (2014)

“You helped me escape reality & inspired me to enter the timeless zone of music. You have inspired me to practice & read up on some theory. THANK YOU!” - Mary A. (2014)

2015The Studio became exclusive to El Dorado County, teaching lessons in student’s homes. Miss Nancy also began teaching online lessons to some of the students in Solano County.

“I just wanted to commend you for doing a super job putting on the recital. The family and I fully appreciate all the background work (planning and organizing) and finally producing such an event. We were very impressed. Doing all this, plus working with your students, is deserving of sincere recognition and praise from everyone. As for your students, they were wonderful. Much credit goes to you for your patience and genuine interest in them.” - Liz J. (2015)

“Thank you very much for everything, for all your patience, love and hard work. For helping and teaching my kids how to play the piano. Thank you for sticking with us too even though my kids are a little hard headed. We’re gonna miss you Ms. Nancy and I hope you won’t forget us coz we surely won’t forget you.” - Jaybee D. (2015)

“Thank you for, well, everything over the course of the past ten or so years. I truly owe so much of who I’ve become - as a musician and as a person - to you. I could not have asked for a better piano teacher and I feel so blessed to have spent so much time learning from you.” - Janelle O. (2018)

2019The Studio converted to exclusive online lessons so that Miss Nancy could stay home with her mother full time.

The Studio moved to Lawrence, Kansas after the passing of Miss Nancy's mother, and once again offers in-person lessons, both in-home and in-studio, as well as continuing with online lessons.

“I can highly recommend Hegarty Piano Studio. I have taken piano lessons with Nancy Hegarty for 3 years, both in-person as well as via Zoom and found both delivery methods equally effective. Nancy is patient, encouraging, and very skilled at providing feedback and analyzing improvement opportunities. She runs her studio in a very professional manner, and offered her students recital opportunities in the past”. - Gaby S. (2022)


 “I was a student of Ms. Hegarty for thirteen years, from age five to eighteen, and enjoyed being one of her students the entire time. For me, she didn't really teach through rubric or by lecture, aside from the basics, she taught me by nourishing my interests in music. I rarely wanted to play classical pieces and she accepted that. I learned how to play by practicing songs by Billy Joel, Elton John, The Eagles, John Williams, songs from animes, movies, TV shows, whatever I wanted to learn and she'd do her best. It was amazing how hard she'd look to find sheet music for me and never judged me or my music tastes, even when I'd pick completely out of the blue songs. Early on when I first started, I was resistant to learning the basics and music theory, I just wanted to play songs, but she never got mad, never had to raise her voice, and always worked with patience and politeness. She cared for all of us too, always got choked up before and after recitals. Every year we would perform what we learned in front of our friends and family. She always told us that even if we made mistakes or suffered stage fright she was proud of us for just giving it out best.

In short I would highly recommend the Hegarty Piano Studio to any kids looking to learn. She will go the extra mile for all of her students and be in their corner the whole time. If it were possible, I'd have her teach my kids without a doubt.” - Brandon D. (2022)